As finish carpenters and architectural design experts, we specialize in crown molding installations. Our crown molding installers are professional woodworkers who take pride in their projects. Here is a breakdown of our installation process:

First, the project starts with choosing the crown molding that fits your style, the size of the room and the color that best goes with your home decor.

Second, we either produce or purchase the crown molding that you have chosen depending on if you go with a custom fabricated or pre-manufactured style.

Third, we take the molding fabricated or delivered to our shop, then we perform all the necessary preparation steps, cleaning, sanding, and product repair in order to adequately prepare the material for paint, stain, or lacquer.

Fourth, we spray the material making sure to sand between coats in order to get the best finished product possible.

Fifth, we wrap and package our material in for safe transport.

Sixth, we deliver and unpack the material making sure that each piece meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Seventh, we set up our workstation in place that will not damage property or leave sawdust in the grass, bushes, garage or around the house.

Eighth, we prepare the walls by systematically measuring and marking using our expert installation process.

Ninth, we carefully install and caulk all of our molding projects with the highest craftsmanship and custom care that you are new client deserves. Our installers are clean, trustworthy and professional making your experience a joy and leaving you feeling good that we not only meet your standard of professionalism but that we exceeded that standard.

Tenth, finally, we go over the project with you to make sure that everything looks good, the lines are clean and the job is done to precision. Our goal, our passion, is to not just do a construction project but to produce a work of art. something that we are selves can be proud of. We are confident that with our clean and professional woodworkers on the job you will happy repetitive clients.

With that in mind, what are you waiting for? Our estimates are FREE and are phones are ready for your call. We look forward to having you as our next client.